Jul 29

Create Test Configuration for manual Testing Using MTM – Part 2

In this post i will go throw creating test configuration for our test plan, this includes all details for you test, where you will run it and which OS you are using as more details.
The Beauty of MTM is how easy you can change configurations and integrate it to your plan.

  • Open Microsoft Testing manager and refer to manual testing Demo plan we created in previous post. Continue reading
Jul 29

Create Manual Test Cases Using MTM -Part 1

In previous posts we install and configure test agent and controllers, now it’s time to start the real tasks and create test cases then apply manual test. In this series posts i will go throw step by step to create test plan and and configuration for my test plan and then apply manual testing and view the results, later i will automate those test cases to part of regression library.

Starting for this posts i will start use a Virtual machine provided by Microsoft to to all Labs, all users can download it and install to implement sample and it has a very good example and manuals to use team foundation server 2012, refer to this link to download it. Continue reading

Apr 02

Manage Security Permission for change work Item State

By default the security is allowed for changing states in any work item, if you have a requirement to change it, you need to do small changes in work item template. Continue reading

Mar 28

Team Foundation Server on Windows Azure Cloud – Part 5 – Team Build Service

Yesterday Microsoft announced a new cloud build service for TFS Azure [TFSPreview].
Previously you were able to do this by configuring build machine outside tfsproview account ,now Microsoft give the option to use another way which is using a pool of build machine managed in the cloud. Actually this is amazing since in many countries windows Azure account not available. Continue reading

Mar 26

Install TeamBuild in TFS 11

In this post I will show you how to install Team Foundation Server Team Build step by step.
TFS builds is an amazing feature in TFS since it gives you ability to automate builds and ensure the quality ,package the application and much more features. Continue reading

Mar 16

Team Foundation Server 11-Beta Installation

Installation TFS 11 is the same in TFS 2010, it’s direct and easy for basic and advance architecture. In this post i will go throw step by step to install TFS 11 on windows server 8.

The beauty of installing TFS is it gives you a very good and understandable messages in case any error or the requirement is not completed even any performance issues in hardware specifications. Continue reading

Mar 06

Error in installing Application Tier in TFS 11 on windows server 8

While i am trying to install TFS 11 beta version on windows 8 server using IIS 8, this error comes up and i didn’t find a solution on the internet for it, TFXXXXXX: One or more required features of IIS have not been configured as a role service in Internet Information Services (IIS). The log contains a list of missing features.

Continue reading

Mar 05

Team Foundation Server on Windows Azure Cloud – Part 4 – Manage TFS Alerts

In this post i will show you how manage the TFS Alerts from TFS Azure platform for team projects.Open your team tfspreview link follow it by _admin like this [https://NAME.tfspreview.com/_admin]. Or from the top right in the main tfs preview page  Continue reading

Mar 02

Team Foundation Server on Windows Azure Cloud – Part 3 – Administer Security

In this post i will show you how to manage security settings form control panel hosted in Azure platform.
Open your team tfspreview link follow it by _admin like this [https://NAME.tfspreview.com/_admin]. or from the top right in the main tfs preview page  The main page contains  list of team project collections and associated team projects, click on the first collection and see the options you can manage. Continue reading

Windows 8 Consumer Preview


Today Microsoft released new Windows 8 Consumer Preview, you downlaod it from here
More information from here

Enjoy the innovation 🙂

Feb 26

Connect TFS Azure using API

Many user ask’s how i connect to TFS service using new API’s, here is a sample of TFS connection and getting workitem using TFS API version

  • Open VS 2011 and create new C# project.
  • From references right click and choose add reference Continue reading
Feb 25

Team Foundation Server on Windows Azure Cloud – Part 2

In the last post I showed you how to setup your account in TFS hosted in the cloud using tfspreview known as TFS Service.
I saw many comments from users about the new TFS preview. Some of these users do not believe in the new TFS arguing “I cannot host my source code in Microsoft or codeplex environment since the information we have is critical”. This is a misconception that is common Continue reading

Feb 24

What Is Microsoft Team Foundation Server?

Since i start blogging many users ask’s me what is this tool? you are blogging without give us a brief introduction what is this Team Foundation Server and what’s is the benefits of using TFS? here we are, i will start with an introduction of Team Foundation Server 2010. Continue reading

Feb 24

Team Foundation Server on Windows Azure Cloud – Part 1

In this article I will show you how to use the latest preview release of Team Foundation Server available on windows Azure cloud. This preview release have limited invitation codes available for the members to validate the Team Foundation Services on the cloud.
Every user who successfully creates an account (windows life account) will have 5 additional invitation codes that can be distributed to the friends and team to have a work around on the Team Foundation Server with Windows Azure, so if you need an account send request to me I will add you in my TFS preview account since there was limitation of invitations. Continue reading

Feb 22

TF.exe command line utility in TFS 2010

Many things you cannot do it using team explorer, using client command tool TF.EXE that come with visual studio team explorer. below is the steps to getting started with this tool

Feb 22

Error Unable to determine the workspace TF.exe Shelve

When you are trying to use TF.exe to shelve pending changes using command line tool, you got this error:
Unable to determine the workspace. You may be able to correct this by running ‘tf workspaces /collection:TeamProjectCollectionUrl’. 

To solve this issue map workspace local folder path when you are trying to shelve it and it will work.

Feb 22

Shelve and Unshelve Changes in TFS 2010

Actually Shelving/ Unshelving is one of many great features for TFS version control. In this post i will show you haw to use this option in team explorer.
Shelving enable user to store pending changes in user workspace, you could share you code or move the source code to other machine or use it in code review process before you check in your code. Continue reading

Feb 22

Red X on Document folder in Team explorer

Many many users have gotten a Red x on Document folder in team project like the image below Actually i didn’t find a direct post to show how to fix this and where i can configure the security, even you are team collection administrator in TFS it’s Continue reading

Feb 21

Customize Existing workitem in TFS 2010

When Business users work with any change management tool, most of the time they ask for customization’s. Whatever is the change by adding new value or adding new filed or change the workflow if exist.
In this post i will show you how to edit the TASK workitem and add new filed. Continue reading

Feb 21

What is PDB file for .net code?

Every time i do a software build whether it is a private build [local machine] or public build [build machine] there are files i always remove it, actually there is a job to remove those files specially PDB files, so what is this files and how i can use it?

Program Database Files (PDB) are files we use to debug our application and it is  almost  Continue reading