Remove User Security Permissions from TFS

  • Before going to this, make sure you remove all user pending changes from TFS version control [last post]
  • List all application groups, using TF SECURITY [tfssecurity /im n:[user ID] / /collection:http://[servername]:8080/tfs/[CollectionName]]
  • If you got [Error: The identity cannot be resolved that means (User not exists in TFS or User already deleted).
  • Remove application group : [tfssecurity /g /collection:http://[servername]:8080/tfs/[CollectionName]  “[Application Group]” n:[user ID]]

Example: if you get the list of groups for user like,Member of 4 group(s):

  •   [G] Domain\TFS_Developers
  •   [A] [Team Project1]\Contributors
  •   [A] [Team Project2]\Contributors
  •   [A] [Team Project3]\Contributors

To remove application group type : [tfssecurity /g- /collection:http://[servername]:8080/tfs/[CollectionName] [Team Project3]\Contributors n:[user ID]]

  • Be sure you write: [user ID] after application group.
  • Retype the command for all [A] group not [G] since its member of active directory group.

Enjoy 🙂

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