Setup and Configure LAB Center for Automation Testing Using MTM -Part 2

In previous post i gave an introduction to MTM 2010, creating test plan and test suite.
In this post i will show step by step how to configure LAB center to run automated tests using MTM.
To run automated tests using MTM first you have to setup  Test Agent and Test Controller.
You can download the Test agent and Test controller from the link below Or from Microsoft Visual Studio Agent CD if you have it.
It’s better to install the test controller on separate virtual machine or you can install it in same TFS server machine, in this demo i will install the controller in TFS server machine.

  • Loin in as TFS administrator to TFS machine.
  • Browse the test controller folder and click setup.exe
  • After you install the Test Controller, you have to configure it for automation testing, click configure button after installation.

Add valid Active directory account as seen in image above. Once you add the running service account for team project collection and click apply, it will add the user under “Project Collection Test Service Accounts” group in TFS.

  • To make sure you install the Test Controller successfully, open the MTM IDE and select Lab Center, go to controllers tab and check the controller is listed as you see in the image below
  • Now you need to install and configure the test agent.
  • You can assign many test agents to one test controller. installation could be in same controller box or on other machine but you can not have more than one agent in same machine. Personally i prefer to have it in other location to simulate the client environment.
    Usually application users have windows XP or Windows 7 machine when they use the application, so i configure new XP VM to be a test agent.
  • Browse the test agent folder and click setup.exe.
  • After installation finished, click configure to setup you agent machine.
  • As you see below there are tow options to configure the test agent. in our demo i will use the second option “Interactive process” because this option for running automated test using MTM.
  • Check register with test controller and add the controller machine name.
  • Add user user1 to run the test agent.
  • Make sure you add user1 as part of [TeamTestAgentService] in controller machine.
  • Click apply settings, as you see below.
  • To make sure the test agent configured successfully go to MTM and check the status as you see below. 
  • Now the environment is ready to start running automation tests, in next post i will show how to add and run automated test using MTM.

Enjoy 🙂

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