What is PDB file for .net code?

Every time i do a software build whether it is a private build [local machine] or public build [build machine] there are files i always remove it, actually there is a job to remove those files specially PDB files, so what is this files and how i can use it?

Program Database Files (PDB) are files we use to debug our application and it is  almost impossible to debug the program without having these PDB’s.
If you have a Demo.DLL file you will find the Demo.pdb when you build the application and debugger match the PDB file for the binary application through the GUID in both files in other words PDB must be the original or a copy.
PDB file contains the source file names with lines number and the local variable names and the other information is on .Net meta data.
To enable generating pdb files go to project Properties, Build tab, Advanced… button and select in Debug info field “pdb-only” or “full”.

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