Red X on Document folder in Team explorer

Many many users have gotten a Red x on Document folder in team project like the image below Actually i didn’t find a direct post to show how to fix this and where i can configure the security, even you are team collection administrator in TFS it’s not necessary you will have permission for document folder or share point site for this team project for particular team project, after little bit digging in this problem i found the solution. Below is the steps to solve this issue.

  • Open your browser and add this link ( http://TFSSERVERNAME/sites/COLLECTION/TEAMPROJECTNAME) or right click on team project from TFS explorer and select ‘Show project portal’
  • If you don’t have permission to view this site, make sure you have the TFS service account or team project creator account, select “Sign as a different user” and add username and password.
  •  The first page will the “Project Dashboard” for your team project, on the top right of the page select site action drop list then choose “Site Settings”
  • Select “Advance permission”.
  • In permission page select New and choose “Add Users”
  • In Add user page add the user ID or you could add group to grant these type of permissions
    • .
  • You can grant permission to share point group.
  • Click OK.
  • Refer back to team explorer, the Red X will not appear now you can browse the documents and manage it.

Enjoy 🙂

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