Shelve and Unshelve Changes in TFS 2010

Actually Shelving/ Unshelving is one of many great features for TFS version control. In this post i will show you haw to use this option in team explorer.
Shelving enable user to store pending changes in user workspace, you could share you code or move the source code to other machine or use it in code review process before you check in your code.

  • Start TFS 2010 explorer and open source control explorer.
  • Refer to any source code you have pending changes on.
  • Right click on the folder/file you want to shelve.
  • Add the Shelve name and you comments, make sure you add good comment to know exactly what you are shelving.
  • Now all pending changes stored in your TFS workspace, you can undo your changes or continue development with other changes.


  •  In team explorer, From File top menu go source control and click on unshelve Pending changes.
  • Choose the shelve set name you want to got, make sure you select the same workspace name.
  • Now you have all you shelved pending changes in your current workspace.

You can do the same operations using TF.exe Shelve command from command line tool.

Enjoy 🙂

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