What Is Microsoft Team Foundation Server?

Since i start blogging many users ask’s me what is this tool? you are blogging without give us a brief introduction what is this Team Foundation Server and what’s is the benefits of using TFS? here we are, i will start with an introduction of Team Foundation Server 2010.

Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2010 provides the code collaboration functionality for your software development teams in a very tightly integrated product. these functionality provides

  • Project management.
  • Work item Tracking.
  • Version Control.
  • Test case management.
  • Build automation.
  • Reporting.
  • virtual lab management.

Each of these point is stand alone topic all integrated together in TFS.
TFS is separated server product designed specifically for engineering teams with developers, testers, architects, project managers, system analyst and all others who is part of software development life cycle.
Team Foundation Server is consist of two parts can be deployed in single / many machines

  • Application tier which is a set of web services with which the client machines communicate by using a highly optimized web service- based protocol.
  • Data tier which is a SQL server database containing the database logic of TFS application, all data stored in database is used by TFS reporting functionality.

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