Team Foundation Server on Windows Azure Cloud – Part 2

In the last post I showed you how to setup your account in TFS hosted in the cloud using tfspreview known as TFS Service.
I saw many comments from users about the new TFS preview. Some of these users do not believe in the new TFS arguing “I cannot host my source code in Microsoft or codeplex environment since the information we have is critical”. This is a misconception that is common when it comes to the “cloud”. Especially there are a private and public cloud options. If you don’t want your source code out of your network firewall you could use a private cloud SAAS (check this article for more information about private cloud). Actually users must understand that any new process needs some time to start used to it and give this new tool a chance to prove itself. And TFS Preview offers a solution to many startups and independent developers who are looking for a Cloud Hosted TFS.
The first impression when i used TFS preview I get shocked!!! I didn’t expect this type of service, at that time I was not aware of Azure technology and cloud computing. Because the last few years I were using TFS in particular way and TFS 2010 was revolution in all aspects such as (Workflow builds, infrastructure, Lab management, Test manager, work items, SharePoint dashboards, project server integration and performance). I read more about Azure and SQL Azure and cloud computing then i gave myself sometime to discover TFS preview and read more about new the features. Trust me I found it much useful and more flexible, especially in these areas:

  • Project management capabilities and improvement in ALM (Agile Project Management).
  • Centralize the security administration.
  • Team explorer improvements.
  • Build improvements.
  • Stakeholder Feedback
  • Code Review Features.
  • Continuous Integration.
  • Version control improvements.

Now let’s go with a quick overview on TFS services.

  • As I mention in my previous post if you want to connect to TFS preview contact me I will send you invitation code you can use it.
  • Open visual studio 2011 developer preview.
  • From team explorer connects to Team Foundation Server.
  • Add new server; fill the server name (https://[NAME]
  • Here you are this is the new team explorer.
  • The first thing I will create new team project.
  • As you see it will open the browser to create new team project.
  • Fill the name ,description and choose the process template. Currently in this version its not possible to customize process template.
  • Click create project and wait to finish creating team project.
  • After finish click Navigate to Project.
  • Back to team explorer in the VS 2011 and select created ‘Demo’ team project.
  • The new Team Explorer windows is the most expressive change in VS 2011 as first notice it’s like browser and the pending change moved to Team Explorer.
  • Click to My Work, as you see below you have list of work items assigned to you and you can quickly do action like ( Finish, Suspend your current work item by move it out of your workspace and into a shelve set) this is cool right?
  •  This exactly the user experience, to make developer life easier 🙂
  • Back to main page in Team Explorer and discover more features, check search team in the top I was part of TFPT now it is on you team explorer.
  • Select settings option.
  • You can manage Team Project or Team Project Collection. Most of the options will send you to web part of TFS.
Enjoy 🙂
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3 thoughts on “Team Foundation Server on Windows Azure Cloud – Part 2

  1. Hi,

    This Azure version of TFS looks like a dream come true, but I think many companies will still be afraid to use it because of source code security issues.
    (Yes, I know all about private cloud, but it is not really a solution for companies who wants to use the REAL cloud service, and getting rid of worry to server backup, maintenance, etc.)

    So here is an idea:
    Give the option to encrypt the source code just before it sent to the server (checkin process) and decrypt when getting it back from the server (during checkout or source code comparision).
    The encryption will be using some key that only the company TFS users will have (entered when first creating the project).
    In return, I will not be able to use any soure code view or comparision using the web access only (which is an ability I will be happy to drop in return for security).

    This feature is a win-win situation: All companies can use the cloud base TFS without worry for their source code as it will never leave their internal network un-encrypted.

    What do you say?


    • Hello Oren,
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
      As i understand your only concern is for source code security?
      Actually there is an SLA agreement between customer and Microsoft to secure your data and only you can establish secure connection between the Azure service and you company.
      Even if you checkin the encrypted code, the source of the data in the cloud and if any body can access the cloud/Azure of course he can decrypt the existing data.
      So Microsoft grantee the security where using the Azure services.
      For more information about this topic Microsoft add documents describing windows azure security, you can find here


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