Team Foundation Server on Windows Azure Cloud – Part 3 – Administer Security

In this post i will show you how to manage security settings form control panel hosted in Azure platform.
Open your team tfspreview link follow it by _admin like this []. or from the top right in the main tfs preview page  The main page contains  list of team project collections and associated team projects, click on the first collection and see the options you can manage.

  • Create a new Team Project
  • Manage collection security and group membership
  • View the collection administration page
In the last post i create team project from VS 2011 team explorer, this is other place you can do the same.
Click on ‘Manage collection security and group membership’, this an overview of the project collection.
From this page you can manage the security for groups and members, browse security tab As you see, all project collection groups list in the left panel and the security permissions, members, member of for each group in right panel, by default the ‘Project Collection Administrators’ has set to allow and you cannot change it.
You can create new group and assign users permissions to it, click ‘Create TFS Group’

Add Write group name and description and click ‘Create Group’, by default there a set permissions inherited to allow and the others is not set which means deny. As you see below any permission changed from the original state will show in bold, check the permission you want grant and click save.

select the members tab to add users to this group,and click Add to add new user.

You can either add username if user exist or windows live ID, from the same place you can remove existing user as well. select ‘member of’ tab, this group will be part of ‘project collection valid users’ you can add other groups here to let this new group to part of other groups. and inherit users and permissions.

From the same page you can view all permission for specific users this is nice, previously in TFS 2010 we have to use command line ‘TF.exe’ to get those data. select the users tab from the left.

As you see this all users exist in the collection and their permissions and members of which groups, you can manage them easily exactly as managing groups as mentioned above.
Now lets check the team project properties, go back to control panel homepage, expand the collection and select any team project.

As you see there is brief description of team project Demo team, click ‘view the team administration page’ link. In this page you a list of all team members assigned to the team, you can add single users or groups.

From +add in the below left you can add administrator for the group,if you add one user you cannot remove it since at least one administrator is required.

Select security tab to manage team security for team member for ‘Demo’ team project 

As you notice all security setting is the same for groups/team project users but the security permission items change, this is very organized and very usable for TFS administrators. all security is centralized in one location, no need to use team explorer or TFS admin console or command line to perform such operation.

Enjoy 🙂


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