Team Foundation Server on Windows Azure Cloud – Part 4 – Manage TFS Alerts

In this post i will show you how manage the TFS Alerts from TFS Azure platform for team projects.Open your team tfspreview link follow it by _admin like this []. Or from the top right in the main tfs preview page  From admin page, select team project, then click on ‘view the project administration page’ Refer to Alerts tab, to get all alerts for Demo team project

As you see in alert explorer you can manage 4 alert category and assign to query  ( Work items, Checkin, Builds and code review) or you can add new template from your or for all team.
One new functionality here is you can search user alerts, this is new in TFS 2011 and very helpful.And you can choose the format of alter to send by email whether is (HTML,Plain Text or SOAP)  Below how is the email format will beEnjoy 🙂

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