Install TeamBuild in TFS 11

In this post I will show you how to install Team Foundation Server Team Build step by step.
TFS builds is an amazing feature in TFS since it gives you ability to automate builds and ensure the quality ,package the application and much more features.

  • Before start installation add AD account called TFSBUILDSERVICE.
  • If you didn’t install TFS on Build machine, install it from here.
  • After installation finish, open TFS administration console.
  • Select Build configuration from left pane.
  • In the next screen select configure Team Foundation Build service. and press start wizard.
  • If you are installing Build service in same TFS server machine which I’m doing it will pickup the team project collection link automatically otherwise browse TFS collection you want to configure team build with.
  • The recommended setting for team build agent is one for each machine as you see below, but you can use up to 8 build agents in same machine for one controller, and you cannot configure more than one controller in same machine, so depends to build architecture you want and the application build requirement.
  • Next configure user account for build add TFSBUILDSERVICE and click Test then next.
  • Review the configuration and click next.
  • If it’s new windows server 8 machine, there is a warning you have to fix it before.
  • Open server manager dashboard, select Add roles and features.
  • Click next and choose Role-based or feature based installation and follow the screens below.
  • After finish configuring the Desktop Experience, rerun readiness checks.
  • Click configure and wait.
  • Open TFS Administration Console and check build configuration, Now you have the  controller and agent ready for team build.

Enjoy Team Build 🙂

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