Team Foundation Server on Windows Azure Cloud – Part 5 – Team Build Service

Yesterday Microsoft announced a new cloud build service for TFS Azure [TFSPreview].
Previously you were able to do this by configuring build machine outside tfsproview account ,now Microsoft give the option to use another way which is using a pool of build machine managed in the cloud. Actually this is amazing since in many countries windows Azure account not available.

There are some limitations since you cannot control the build machine, as example if you have external configuration or service the build depends on.
To start with this, you need to configure a TFSpreview account first [refer to this post] if you need an invitation code just send me i have couple of codes 🙂

  • Open Visual Studio 11 Beta and Open team explorer
  • Connect to TFSpreview account using your windows live credentials.
  •  Select Builds from team explorer
  • Click to create new Build Definition
  • Add Build definition name
  • select version control path for project you need to build.
  • As you see below the cloud build controller online, and you can copy build output to course control this a new feature in TFS 11.
  • select solution to build.
  • Back to team explorer and select refresh, right click on created build definition and select queue new build.
  • Validate the queue properties.
  • Back to source control to check the output.

Enjoy Build in TFS Azure 🙂

17 thoughts on “Team Foundation Server on Windows Azure Cloud – Part 5 – Team Build Service

  1. Hey. Do you still have an invitation code available? If yes, I’d appreciate if you could share it with me. Tx. Martina

  2. That looks awesome! I wonder how the build servers would work when you need to target different APIs, for instance the SharePoint OM. I guess you could just include the neccesary assemblies as dependencies in your project… Will have to give it a go!

    Do you have any invitation codes left? I’d love to try this!

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts, exactly as you said. I see this is better since you don’t have any dependencies on the build machine.
      For Invitation code, wait email from me.

  3. This looks awesome (can’t wait to get my hands on it). Is there anyone that can share an invite code so I can check it out? Would really appreciate it!

  4. Can I have an invitation code as well please?
    I have MSDN license but it’s suck that MS doesn’t provide one to us.

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