Create Manual Test Cases Using MTM -Part 1

In previous posts we install and configure test agent and controllers, now it’s time to start the real tasks and create test cases then apply manual test. In this series posts i will go throw step by step to create test plan and and configuration for my test plan and then apply manual testing and view the results, later i will automate those test cases to part of regression library.

Starting for this posts i will start use a Virtual machine provided by Microsoft to to all Labs, all users can download it and install to implement sample and it has a very good example and manuals to use team foundation server 2012, refer to this link to download it.

  • Open Microsoft Test Manager and follow this post to create your test plan.
  • Name you test plan as Manual Test Demo.
  • Before start creating test cases, lets define our project requirement.
  • From Visual Studio or from team web access create new user story. we usually use user story work item to create all user requirement or we can use other work item such as bug if it’s part of our scope.
  • Create new user story as below.
  • Create new User Story in TFS

  • Fill all information about your requirement, and if you have any design document attach it with work item, usually any requirement must have a minimum required information to be clear for tester when he/she create test cases and define priority for it. then you can create any number of user stories for your testing iteration.
  •   Return back to manual testing plan in MTM and select add requirement.
  • Query your user story and select add requirement.
  •  Right click on requirement and select create new test case.
  • Add all required information for test case with all details as below image.
  • For each test step you add to your test case, each value could be parametrized in test case, as mention above there is a button to add parameter [no spaces or special characters].
  • If you have a repetitive test case such as log in, log out, fill certain data yoca use add shared steps [will cover it in details in other post]
  • Don’t forget to fill parameters you add in bottom of the test case, here you can use it as data driven testing if you have many data to test all possibilities and also to failed your test cases if you are implementing negative testing.
  • Save and close test case.
  • Now you have one test case in you plan/suite and you want to test it.
  • As a result, now you have a single test case assign to your test plan which is part of you testing plan.
  • Repeat the steps to add more test cases to your test plan.
  • Now all test cases ready to start manual testing.
  • Follow next post to see how we configure tests ( platform, browsers).

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