Create Test Configuration for manual Testing Using MTM – Part 2

In this post i will go throw creating test configuration for our test plan, this includes all details for you test, where you will run it and which OS you are using as more details.
The Beauty of MTM is how easy you can change configurations and integrate it to your plan.

  • Open Microsoft Testing manager and refer to manual testing Demo plan we created in previous post.
  • From top left, click properties
  • As you see below, all test plan properties and configuration setup exist in this area, its for both manual and automated tests, in this post i will show you how to configure manual test part.
  • In my test plan i will use windows 7 and IE 10 to test my test case, so from configuration pane i will select those configurations if exist, and if not i will create it, expand configuration as below
  • My configuration requirement is not exist in this context, so i need to manually added, click mange.
  • As illustrate in the screen you can add or modify existing variables, click manage configuration  variables.
  • Common Microsoft OS and Browsers has been added, Add you required config variables as needed to your test plan.
  • I add Internet explorer 10 and couple values for different OS’s such as Linux and AS400. click save and return back to Manage configuration screen.
  • Create New Test Configuration for browser and OS, and then select the values you add from the drop down list.
  • Save and close.
  • Return back to test plan properties page and choose “Windows 7 and IE10” value.
  • As  you see, you can select more than one configuration and this will duplicate the test case while you are doing the test, one for each configuration.
  • In manual test area, there are tow settings to set Test setting and Test environment.
  • Test environment configuration is integrated with TFS Lab management, since you can use the pre-defined environment to choose in which environment you will run your test cases , in this example i will not configure and i will select the default value.
  • Testing setting is where i want to define all details about my test run such as logging, screen capture ,video recording and system information this will collect data form test agent machine.
  • Personally i prefer use this information more in automation testing, since tester usually run manual test in there local machine, so i will choose local test run.
  • Now test plan is configured and ready for use with all details you need to run your test plan.
  • Make sure you check the start and end date for test plan the state is Active, then save and close this property page.

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