Jul 29

Create Test Configuration for manual Testing Using MTM – Part 2

In this post i will go throw creating test configuration for our test plan, this includes all details for you test, where you will run it and which OS you are using as more details.
The Beauty of MTM is how easy you can change configurations and integrate it to your plan.

  • Open Microsoft Testing manager and refer to manual testing Demo plan we created in previous post. Continue reading
Jul 29

Create Manual Test Cases Using MTM -Part 1

In previous posts we install and configure test agent and controllers, now it’s time to start the real tasks and create test cases then apply manual test. In this series posts i will go throw step by step to create test plan and and configuration for my test plan and then apply manual testing and view the results, later i will automate those test cases to part of regression library.

Starting for this posts i will start use a Virtual machine provided by Microsoft to to all Labs, all users can download it and install to implement sample and it has a very good example and manuals to use team foundation server 2012, refer to this link to download it. Continue reading