Mar 28

Team Foundation Server on Windows Azure Cloud – Part 5 – Team Build Service

Yesterday Microsoft announced a new cloud build service for TFS Azure [TFSPreview].
Previously you were able to do this by configuring build machine outside tfsproview account ,now Microsoft give the option to use another way which is using a pool of build machine managed in the cloud. Actually this is amazing since in many countries windows Azure account not available. Continue reading

Feb 26

Connect TFS Azure using API

Many user ask’s how i connect to TFS service using new API’s, here is a sample of TFS connection and getting workitem using TFS API version

  • Open VS 2011 and create new C# project.
  • From references right click and choose add reference Continue reading
Feb 15

Update TFS WorkItem from Microsoft Access using VBA Code

Many IT users are not familiar with C# code or other languages to create small applications. Usually they build their applications using Microsoft Access/Excel since it does not require any programming experience. They can add forms/reports without writing a single line of code. In my organization, some departments like release management and IT testing have small applications developed in Microsoft Access or Microsoft Excel to track and manage their own work. Continue reading

Feb 13

Get Queued Build using TFS API

In this post i will show how to get running build in all builds controllers / Agents.

TFS explorer shows the running build information for each TFS projects one by one, suppose you have many TFS project in your single collection and you want to track whats running now, you will send a lot of time to select all all build definitions and while you finish may other build has triggered. Continue reading

Feb 13

Clone Build Definition using TFS 2010 API

When you branch from Main or Dev branch you will move all source files and artifact to the new branch since build architecture will be the same. You have the option to create or clone the build definition. Personally i prefer to clone the parent build definition instead of creating new one because may you have a specific configuration for that build and you don’t want to lose it or create it each time.
For more information about branching architecture you can refer to this link

Below is the code how to clone the build definition using TFS API Continue reading

Feb 10

Get Branch Relatives from TFS Version Control

In this post I will Implement how to get server path branches and branch history from version control in tfs

1. Add the connect method to the form from this
2. Use this Code to get the information

DataTable _data = new DataTable(”Branches”);
_data.Columns.Add(”Branch Path”,typeof(string));
_data.Columns.Add(”Created Date”, typeof(DateTime));
_data.Columns.Add(”ChangesetId”, typeof(int));

Continue reading

Jan 18

Remove User Security Permissions from TFS

  • Before going to this, make sure you remove all user pending changes from TFS version control [last post]
  • List all application groups, using TF SECURITY [tfssecurity /im n:[user ID] / /collection:http://[servername]:8080/tfs/[CollectionName]]
  • If you got [Error: The identity cannot be resolved that means (User not exists in TFS or User already deleted).
  • Remove application group : [tfssecurity /g Continue reading
Jan 18

Manage Global List in TFS API 2010

GLOBALLIST is shared XML configuration across all team projects for a specific team project Collection, we can you use it for many workitem types to share the same list.

Usually when you want to add/remove item from the GL you would use the command line tool (widadmin) or if you install team foundation power tools [TFPT] you can import/Export using Continue reading

Jan 15

Connect to TFS 2010 using API

Using TFS API, you can access/manage  any part in team foundation server. The most common use of API’s is to create custom service to help better on your work, such as ( build automation, workitem management , migration from other tools, create custom tool, reports ,collect measurements….ect) Continue reading

Jan 15

Set TFS permission using Microsoft Outlook

The purpose for this post is to give step by step instructions to get user control TFS version control from outlook email, This is not intended just connect to version control; it is a way to connect to TFS while you are not available in your office, in my case I need to control giving TFS permissions from outside my office.

TFS Service Continue reading

Jan 15

Get Latest ChangeSet History From Version Control

In this Post I will show how to get all changesets history from source control

  • Add new C# project.
  • Add these API’s references to the project

Continue reading

Jan 15

Get All team project from TFS collection

In this post i will show the users how to get all team project and the sub system base on your version control structure.

1. Create new C# project

2. Add team foundation server Dll references as

Continue reading