Feb 24

What Is Microsoft Team Foundation Server?

Since i start blogging many users ask’s me what is this tool? you are blogging without give us a brief introduction what is this Team Foundation Server and what’s is the benefits of using TFS? here we are, i will start with an introduction of Team Foundation Server 2010. Continue reading

Feb 22

Red X on Document folder in Team explorer

Many many users have gotten a Red x on Document folder in team project like the image below Actually i didn’t find a direct post to show how to fix this and where i can configure the security, even you are team collection administrator in TFS it’s Continue reading

Feb 21

Customize Existing workitem in TFS 2010

When Business users work with any change management tool, most of the time they ask for customization’s. Whatever is the change by adding new value or adding new filed or change the workflow if exist.
In this post i will show you how to edit the TASK workitem and add new filed. Continue reading

Feb 21

What is PDB file for .net code?

Every time i do a software build whether it is a private build [local machine] or public build [build machine] there are files i always remove it, actually there is a job to remove those files specially PDB files, so what is this files and how i can use it?

Program Database Files (PDB) are files we use to debug our application and it is  almost  Continue reading