Apr 02

Manage Security Permission for change work Item State

By default the security is allowed for changing states in any work item, if you have a requirement to change it, you need to do small changes in work item template. Continue reading

Feb 26

Connect TFS Azure using API

Many user ask’s how i connect to TFS service using new API’s, here is a sample of TFS connection and getting workitem using TFS API version

  • Open VS 2011 and create new C# project.
  • From references right click and choose add reference Continue reading
Feb 21

Customize Existing workitem in TFS 2010

When Business users work with any change management tool, most of the time they ask for customization’s. Whatever is the change by adding new value or adding new filed or change the workflow if exist.
In this post i will show you how to edit the TASK workitem and add new filed. Continue reading

Feb 15

Update TFS WorkItem from Microsoft Access using VBA Code

Many IT users are not familiar with C# code or other languages to create small applications. Usually they build their applications using Microsoft Access/Excel since it does not require any programming experience. They can add forms/reports without writing a single line of code. In my organization, some departments like release management and IT testing have small applications developed in Microsoft Access or Microsoft Excel to track and manage their own work. Continue reading

Feb 13

Refresh Wrokitem Cache for TFS Clients

Some users complain that many workitems not exist or not getting refreshed because it’s cached.
You have 2 ways to refresh the workitem cash:

  • From Team web access web site